OPINIONS - Posted on: 3rd Mar. 2021 at 11:51PM
Some people view the whole world from the keyhole on their door. Let me tell you, there are large Christians communities in Adamawa, Gombe, Borno, Taraba, Kaduna and many other northern states...These Christians are majorly farmers. These Christians are murdered and slaughtered by terrorists every day. These Christians risk their lives to till the ground which produces the food middlemen purchase and load in trailers to sell in the South.

Some of these Christians are in IDP camps. All of them depend on their farms for livelihood. They cannot uproot their ancestral homes and villages and relocate to your town. There are Muslims all over the north who are not bandits or terrorists. All they know is their land and they work hard to grow food which they sell to middlemen. Thousands of Muslims have been displaced, murdered and rendered hopeless by the system failure.
They are as much victims of the Nigerian system as you are.

When you spread collective hate, be careful. You are not hurting terrorists and criminals. You are harming the innocent.
When you see war, you think you will wait and capture it on your phone? You romanticise war, you are beating the drums without understanding what may come upon you. I feel sorry for you all. THINK, BUY SENSE

- Moji Danisa

Posted by: Emdee David

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