BUSINESS - Posted on: 7th Jun. 2021 at 10:21PM
President of the Senate, Ahmed Lawan durung an opening session on Monday vowed that the Petroleum Industry Bill will be passed by the National Assembly before the end of June 2021.

The bill had been dragged for the past 20 years as the President at the opening session of the 2021 Nigeria International Petroleum Summit in Abuja, revealed that both segment of the National Assembly are working towards getting the PIB signed and concluded.

Lawan noted that lawmakers had to listen carefully so as to ensure equity on the stakeholders of the bill and to address all the concerns of PIB.

He said, “In our legislative agenda for 2019-2023 in the 9th Assembly we decided that we must have a better way. We found out that neither the solo effort of the executive nor the solo effort of the legislature could deliver the PIB in the past.

“We now have a better cooperative approach where the National Assembly will work with the administration to conceive the bill through very rigorous consultations and at the end of the day we narrowed down our differences and areas of potential conflict.”

Lawan continued, “I think we have been able to achieve that significantly. The speed and commitment the National Assembly has shown in working on the PIB and reaching where we are today shows that we have chosen the right path.

“As I speak, our joint committee of both Senate and the House on the PIB are about to conclude writing the report which will be submitted to both chambers of the National Assembly. Our expectation is that we will pass the PIB within this month of June by the grace of God.”

By Mary Abazuo

Posted by: Mary Abazuo

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