ARTICLES - Posted on: 11th Oct. 2020 at 5:45PM
Finally, President Muhammadu Buhari has spoken about the ongoing protests against police brutality and killings by the Federal Special Antirobbery Squad (F-SARS).

As usual, the Nigerian President was slow to respond, but Nigerians did not fail to call him out. Some even asked for his resignation while others asked Nigerians to unfollow him on Twitter to call his attention.

Some men of the FSARS have been seen to the notorious for intimidation and extrajudicial killings of innocent young Nigerians who they always tagged scammers (yahoo boys) by merely assessing their dressing, having an expensive phone, riding an expensive cars or even by just carrying a laptop bag, with pr without a laptop in it.

Nigerians are tired of these nefarious activities of these bad cops and have decided to protest their existence. They these men are not longer killing robbers but innocent citizens extrajudicially.

On social media, hashtags like #endsars, #EndSarssNow and #EndPoliceBrutality have been trending for over three days now. The IG of Police and President Buhari have been called out to scrap the squad.

In response, President Buhari made the following tweets:

"I met again with the IGP tonight. Our determination to reform the police should never be in doubt. I am being briefed regularly on the reform efforts ongoing to end police brutality and unethical conduct, and ensure that the Police are fully accountable to the people.

"The IG already has my firm instructions to conclusively address the concerns of Nigerians regarding these excesses, & ensure erring personnel are brought to justice. I appeal for patience & calm, even as Nigerians freely exercise their right to peacefully make their views known.

"The vast majority of men and women of the Nigeria Police Force are patriotic and committed to protecting the lives and livelihoods of Nigerians, and we will continue to support them to do their job."

Whether these words would assuage the angry protesters is yet to he seen. The protests however continue on monday at several designated venues across the country, and on all social media platforms.

The corrupt activities of these bad cops, and their unnecessary killings must be put to and end. Only then would Nigerian youths would feel safe going about their legitimate businesses.

Posted by: Emdee David

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