We Will Not Open Our Church Buildings, Pastor Donnie Mcclurkin Opposes Donald Trump

NEWS - Posted on: 24th May. 2020 at 6:32AM

Against logic and health workers' advice, President Donald Trump has asked churches, mosques and other places of worship to reopen immediately. He also said he would override any US Governor who orders otherwise. 

Health workers have warned of a surge in the pandemic if places of worship are reopened fully when the number of cases and deaths is still rising. 

US deaths due to COVID-19 is almost reaching 100,000. This is very alarming.

Clergymen are also not fully in support of the reopening of the churches believing in some "spiritual protection". Some see the move as purely political.  Prominent among pastors against the reopening of the churches at this time is Pastor Donnie McClurkin, the famous American music minister. 

Donnie said:  "Wisdom is the PRINCIPAL thing; therefore get WISDOM! And in all your getting, get UNDERSTANDING!  

Proverbs 3:5,6. As pastor of PFC, I announce to all members... our ministry will NOT be involved in any political ploy of such a dangerous decision ...to play to our religious sensibilities for political leverage!  To suggest and instruct churches to reopen without meeting specific metrics given by the scientific medical experts is highly irresponsible, fool-hearty and potentially dangerous to our wellbeing! ESPECIALLY TO THOSE IN HEAVILY EFFECTED AREAS!

We will continue to lean towards and adhere to REASONABLE medical science and the CREDIBLE doctors and medical experts...along with our GOVERNOR and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit and my responsibility as pastor of thousands!


This political ploy to gain favor and votes from the faith-based community is blatant ...and will not be considered over my (our) pastoral duties to CARE for the members of the body of Christ!  Our digital live-streams will ADEQUATELY serve the people LOCAL AND GLOBALLY until such time IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE when we can gather again!  

Pastor D. A. McClurkin Jr.

The US is currently the Epicentre of the COVID-19 Pandemic with the highest cases and death. President Trump has been severally criticized for the way he is handling the pandemic and particularly not listening to health services experts on better ways to handle things. He is also seen as one who always wants to defy logic and science. Democrats, in particular, see his present call for the reopening of churches and mosques as a desperate move to campaign among Christians and faith-based organizations to win their votes.

Written by Emdee David

Posted by: Emdee David

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