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My name is Daniel chimezie Mbah, from emudo nenwe, aninri LGA of enugu state, Nigeria. I was born February 17th 1997 at suleja Niger state. I and my family were living at madalla/zuba in Abuja.

When I was about 3yrs old, in the year 2000, I had a terrible accident that disfigured my right leg.

One afternoon I was coming back from school with my friend, we were playing football just along our street, as we were playing my friend kicked the ball to the back of a restaurant, where they cook their food, going there to get the ball, I saw ashes on the ground, for me to get the ball it's either I go round the ashes or walk on it, so I walked on it, but immediately I stepped on it my leg sunk into a hole filled fit hot coal, hot charcoal fire and my leg started burning, the hole was deep so I could not pull myself out I cried and shouted for help but before help came, my leg was already gone, burnt beyond recognition, from that day my suffering started. My mother took me to Orthopaedic hospital enugu, after everything they booked me for my surgery, they told us to come back in two months,

When it was time to go back to the hospital, my dad refused, saying why must we go as far as enugu for surgery when we can do it at Abuja, he insisted and then we went to gwagwalada specialist hospital Abuja, they carried out a plastic surgery, they tried to straight the leg cos
It was bent, they also took flesh from my right thigh and patched the leg cos my bones were almost showing, so after everything, I continued living with the bad leg like that, I was just managing.

Then we moved to Port Harcourt, rivers state.
In the year 2011, when i was about 14 years old, I got another injury on the same leg, underneath it, where I walked on, this one was horrible, it was now very difficult for me to walk, evry step I took was as if I was being Stabbed with a knife, I even went to the pharmacy to get it treated, but the injury never, Till 2019 making it 19 years for me living with a bad leg, to tell you the truth it was hell, it wasn't easy at all, you can't start to imagine what I went thru, it's only by the grace of God I'm still alive today.

So around September 2019 I went to hospital to seek for help, I first went to university of Port Harcourt teaching hospital (UPTH) But they referred me to Orthopaedic hospital enugu,
after meeting with the doctors, they told me that the only thing that can be done is amputation, that my leg tissue has been disfigured badly and too weak and the injury will not heal, he also said that if the leg is not amputated soonest that the wound will lead to cancer, me being left with no choice cos I can't live like that, so I accepted.

The amputation was done 5th December 2019,
I stayed in the hospital for a week and they discharged me and told me to stay home for 6 months, so I'll get prosthesis after the wounds are fully healed, I stayed home for 7 months cos no money then to buy the prosthesis, when the money finally came, I was very happy that after getting the artificial leg, that my life will become peaceful and all my sufferings would end, but that didn't happen, the artificial leg I got was bad very bad, it was very heavy, when I'm walking it's as If I'm dragging blocks, plus it keeps injuring my stump, so my suffer continued, I started using crotches.

I'm already 23 years old, I can't stay idle, I have to hustle for myself to survive, my family is not rich, so I begged my mom and she managed to raise money for me, I used the money she gave me to buy a second handed tricycle (keke napep) and started using it for transportation business along Ada George, agip and location road in port Harcourt, rivers state.

Things are not going well for me at all, the keke I'm riding comes with lots of stress, and riding with one leg is really hard, I have to bend my leg to reach the breaks, now I'm having issues with my left knee, I have really suffered a lot in this life, I'm begging everybody reading this tweet to come to my aid, and currently the Rivers state government have banned keke from applying major roads in port Harcourt, the little one I'm using to survive is being taken away from me, i don't really know what to do again, I'm so tired of suffering, 20 years now, if I'm on my two feet, it would have been easier for me to look for something else to do, but since it's like this I can't think of anything.

I made some research about foreign prosthesis (artificial leg) and found out it's going to cost about 5million naira to get a very good prosthesis from abroad, that's why I'm using this medium to beg the general public for help, as of now, I don't know what to do, even if I ride the keke for 5 years I won't be able to afford the prosthesis and I want to go to school please I beg everyone reading this post to help me, help save me from pains and sufferings, no amount is too small, you can make a difference in my Life.

Even if you can't help me financially, you can still help me by sharing this tweet, my helper might be on your friend's list. Thank you and God bless you as you do so.

Name: Daniel Chimezie Mbah
Acount number: 2138662668
Bank : United Bank for Africa (UBA)
Phone number : 08102701140

Posted by: Emdee David

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