OPINIONS - Posted on: 11th May. 2020 at 12:11PM

I used to admire you and even supposed to be close to your government but not anymore;
You personally supervised the demolition of hotels;
You ordered your Attorney General to auction impounded vehicles;
You publicly insulted your traditional rulers;
You talk to your party leaders like a headmaster talking to pulpils;
You insult and fight every Commissioner of police posted to your state;
You insult and fight the military commander in your state;
You personally went to effect arrest of Carverton helicopter pilots and got a Magistrate court to remand them in prison;
You gave Caverton helicopters a quit notice from your state;
You insult the Minister of Aviation;
You are crude, rude, saucy, indecorous and abrasive;
You are so inebriated with power that is transient;
You are law unto yourself.

Did you read that refined letter Governor Fayemi of Ekiti state wrote to that man who criticized his government after losing his mum to COVID in Ekiti?
That is how a decent Governor is supposed to act, not like someone conducting himself like a motor park tout as you often display.

You conduct yourself like an "agbero", no finesse;
Yet, you are a senior lawyer, in fact, a life Bencher and your wife is a judge;
But these have not reflected in your public conducts.

Posted by: Emdee David

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