ARTICLES - Posted on: 21st Feb. 2021 at 2:09PM
Recall the teenage girl caught with a gun in school, which she said was meant to shoot her teacher who made her cut her tinted hair.

Apparently, on further interview, she admitted she's a member of a female cult and that the gun belonged to her man friend, a married man with six children.

Here is Promise Idorenyin's confession:

"I am a member of Sky Queen Confraternity, I am just an ordinary member, I don’t hold any position in the group, I have known the owner of the gun who is my man-friend since last year, he sleeps with me and supports me with little things, but he is not the one paying my school fees.

“My mother knows about him because he visits me at our house and sometimes he sleeps over at my place because I have my own room then in the morning he goes back to his own house.”

When the man-friend, Mr Okon Effiom Edet was apprehended, he also confirmed he owns the gun but he never gave it to her to take to school.

He has this to say:

”I am a married man with six children, I did not give her the gun, she took it herself where I kept it under the bed.

“I started sleeping with her August last year, her mother knows me, I have been doing small something on her head, they know she is my wife.”

Posted by: Emdee David

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