OPINIONS - Posted on: 13th Jul. 2020 at 5:51PM
The inside gist is that Magu is been questioned because of several accusations by mischievous people Implicating some "big men" and Buhari was concerned.

Many of them are pure lies. And it is a pity that many media houses are paid to spread this lies.

Osinbajo collected N4Billion? (No single proof and Osinbajo denied it).

A Kogi Pastor bought a house of over N500m for him in Dubai? (no proof showed, Pastor also denied).

He looted the Interest of forfeited money? (Money in TSA does not yield interest).

He "cornered" 380 houses for himself?

He took 8 ships filled with oil? Haba!

And many of such, and all these are not even coming from the Presidential panel, but people who said they know.

But, we can't pity Magu so much because he was also used to giving his suspect media trial.

Magu may not be perfect, in fact, he may be culpable in some allegations, but won't he be given a fair hearing? won't we wait for the panel's full report?

Why are all these happening at this time? Is Buhari is even aware?

Who is behind all these?

It would be so disappointing if Magu at the end is found wanting.

It is really spiting on President Buhari's administration and Anti-corruption fight that his own choice, a man he chose to keep despite non-confirmation by the Senate, is the one involved in all these.

Malami seems to be at the forefront. Can we trust the AGF to be a saint in all these matters? Can he be trusted or he is doing the bidding of some powerful men?

Well, we can even hold forth for anyone in this country. But I hope justice is done. Magu must serve a jail term if found guilty, I hope the court would be just enough to ensure this, or would they be bought over?

But who even cares. This is their war. We the mekunu must not be involved in their war. In the end, it is "dem dem" that benefit from all the brouhaha.

Posted by: Emdee David

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