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King Of Idumuje Ugboko Abducted

NEWS - Posted on: 18th Jul. 2020 at 11:29AM

The King of Idumuje Ugboko, His Royal Highness, King Chukwunonso Nwoko has been abducted.

According to the wife of the King, Queen Dumebi, at 1.30 a.m Saturday, about 15 vehicles pulled into the palace with heavily armed men, dressed in Black. They got off the vehicle and immediately circled the Palace, tear-gassed the whole surrounding, smashed doors and destroyed the palace buildings before they abducted the King.

The Queen, anguishedly narrated her early morning ordeal: "They came here forcefully, deadly armed and destroying our palace, dragged His Royal Highness into one of their vehicles. I recognized and identified the escorts of the raiders and abductors, as Chukwuma Nwoko and Kogwuonye Chukwuka. These men are notoriously known in the village as Ned Nwoko's lieutenants.

“...Idumuje-Ugboko was humiliated this early morning as members of the Nigerian Police, Asaba invaded the Royal palace of Obi Nomso Nwoko, destroyed his doors, tear gas and whisked him away, inside an unmarked vehicle, to an unknown destination. This is the worst desecration of the ancient Kingdom of our community and a bold slap on our faces. A threat to the life of our Obi is a threat to our lives. Ugboko is bruised. Our forefathers are crying. Our children are groaning. Our enemies have gone to war”

The King’s whereabouts remain unknown.

This is a developing story!




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