NEWS - Posted on: 23rd Sep. 2020 at 11:38AM
The Russian Security Forces have arrested Jesus of Siberia, a cult leader who claims to be Jesus Christ. reincarnate and has a large followership who live austere lives in a forest in Siberia.

Vissarion, who claims to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, was arrested on tuesday along with two of his aides. They are being accused of “causing grievous bodily harm to two or more persons” and using “psychological violence” to inflict “serious harm,” to members of his organisation.

Jesus of Siberia, was born Sergio Torop, but popularly called Visssarion, a name he adopted after his mystical rebirth experience.

According to The Investigative Committee and Federal Security Service (FSB) Vissarion, was a former policeman and Red Army conscript whose secular name is Sergei Torop.

Sergio Torop is 59 years old, claimed to have been reborn in 1990 as Vissarion after a mystical revelation a year after losing his job as a traffic cop. He said that experience is his reincarnation as Jesus, the returned Jesus Christ.

Moscow Times reports that "Vissarion and approximately 4,000 of his followers (called “Vissarionites”) live in 20 rural settlements in southern Siberia, with the most devoted group of around 300 living atop a remote hill they call the Abode of Dawn. 

Posted by: Emdee David

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