OPINIONS - Posted on: 27th May. 2021 at 11:46AM
I pity the Niger-Delta Region...
Soon, the value of the oil that gives derivations will be "venezuelaed"
No economic plan
No industrialization Plan
No Tourism plan.
No Technology Plan
No Agricultural
(forget the photo ops some governors display)
Spillage, land and water pollution will not go away.
You can't farm and fish more...

Yet, NDDC is loaded with funds that could set an economic and commercial revolution in place. The funds are there for the region's development. The FG is not holding you back.
But those at the helm of affairs at NDDC and the Ministry of Niger Delta are embezzling these funds...day and night. planning for themselves and their families future. When they destroy everything they will run abroad with your plans to return.
The masses would be left in hunger. And they can't drink the crude.
The governors know this. But they don't care. Their future is already secured abroad. They won't even like you to question them. They would rather point you to the people in the opposition parties...
Or provoke you to anger against the Federal Government. You would be on social media ranting and insulting. They will be laughing because they have succeeded in distracting you from their greed and wickedness.

Whether Nigeria remains One or Not...
Whether you join Biafra or Not...
Whether you get resource control or Not...
Whether you get power devolved or Not...
Whether you get restructured or Not...
Whether the 1999 Constitution is abolished, amended or Not...
...If your regional leaders go on unchallenged and unchanged, your suffering continues. Your region remains underdeveloped, incommensurate to the present funds allocated to you. They will even get more empowered and emboldened to squander more.
Oh, they give you crumbs once in a while, Southern Almajiris. Your common patrimony is in their pockets. Forget political rhetorics, they know what they are doing. With the "little" they get on your behalf, they would still do much more than they are willing to do.

You should feel the impact of the wealth of your region. No child of the region should be deprived Free-basic education, no entrepreneur should lack funding, no science student should not get grants for study and research, not Tech nerds should not be encouraged. But no, they don't want you to compete with them in welfare and wellbeing. How else would they prove that they are better than you?
We await social and political activists to take up this challenge...genuine ones I mean, not the greedy business individuals who only shout so as "feeding bottle" could be extended to them.

This piece just uses the Niger Delta as a reference point. Each region needs to wake up to this reality of a gloomy future, and contain the misnomer of a galaxy of milk and honey crumbled in cacophony.
~ Emdee David

Posted by: Emdee David

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