Emeka Rollas Defends Senator Abbo As Agn Patron

ENTERTAINMENT - Posted on: 18th Mar. 2020 at 12:26PM

In a swift reaction to Kate Henshaw and Hilda Dokubo's videos opposing the appointment of Sen Elisha Abbo as a Patron of the revered Actors Guild of Nigeria, the President, Emeka Rollas has defended the senator saying that since he had apologized to the woman he slapped and Nigerians his "offence" no longer counts, and so that matter should be put to rest.

He chided the two veteran actresses for going on social media to complain instead of coming to him to deal with the matter. He in fact questioned the AGN membership of Kate Henshaw and Hilda Dokubo, their morality and legality for questioning the appointment of "the slapping senator". Emeka Rollas, on the TV show "One On One" said there is a difference between a Star and a member and that a star may not necessarily be a member. when asked if Hilda and Kate are members, the AGN president said he does not know all the members, that he has to check the records because they have over 2 million members.

Finally, he said the decision of AGN cannot be discussed on social media.


See video:  https://web.facebook.com/makezela/videos/2618567448253543/

Posted by: Emdee David

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