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Do Not Open Up The Economy Now, Segalink Warns

NEWS - Posted on: 19th May. 2020 at 6:15PM

Mr Segun Awosanya, also known as Segalink of the Human Rights Activist and Social Critic, has warned the Federal Government against opening up the economy at this time. He said despite calls and pressure by citizens and religious bodies to do so, Nigeria is not ready for a total reopening of the economy as "no amount of money lost to this pandemic will equal people’s lives that might be lost if the pandemic allowed to take over the community.

He said, “There is no amount of money we can lose that can’t be made back post Coronavirus. The key strategy must be keeping people safe & reinforcing Prevention while Govt, 

“We must not get ahead of ourselves. This is about all of us globally. There is no hurry. Government can’t do this alone without your understanding and cooperation. They too need to be transparent and accountable at this point lest we all perish. It’s better safe than sorry.”

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