OPINIONS - Posted on: 27th Jan. 2021 at 8:52AM
Debo Adebayo, a popular online comedian has taken to his verified Twitter account to slam the Nigerian government over unremitting killings by herdsmen.

Mr Macaroni took to his account to request that the president act on the insecurity occurring in the nation while tagging the president @MBuhari.

He expressed his concern and fear while asking if it is a crime to be a Nigerian and if it was really ideal to always watch over your shoulders as a Nigerian.

The comedian tweeted "Growing up, I saw a lot of herdsmen graze peacefully. I'm sure a lot of us did. They were so organized and even friendly. What changed? And now that so much violence is involved, why can't the Government call them to order? This insecurity has lasted too long!!"

"Innocent Nigerians are being killed and kidnapped day in day out because herdsmen have gone rogue! The Government hasn't done anything to control the situation! Don't let anyone bully you for speaking against gross Nepotism. Every Nigerian deserves to live, that's all", he continued.

The popular comedian however clarified that his post was not about the Fulanis and that all criminals are criminals irrespective the tribe.

"No Nigerian is more Nigerian than the others. As many rights as the herdsmen have to graze, so does other Nigerians have to live. When did grazing become series of killing and kidnapping? @MBuhari please be President for all!," he wrote

He further tagged the government as "Government of the herdsmen, by the herdsmen and for the herdsmen".

Posted by: Emdee David

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