NEWS - Posted on: 5th Oct. 2020 at 5:44PM
Last week, pop music star, Wizkid queried President Muhammadu Buhari for wishing US President to get well soon after Trump had contracted the deadly Corona virus. In the tweets Wizkid also referred to Buhari as an old man, a phrase which many have condemned as an insult.

Wizkid tweeted as follows:
“Donald Trump is not your business! Old man! Police/Sarz still killing Nigerian youth on a daily! Do something! Nothing concern u for America! Face your country!!,”

The backlash for this statement has been severe as many Nigerians condemned him for making such a statement and insulting the Nigerian President.

One of those vocal with the condemnation is Ahmedu Augustine Obiabo, popularly known as Blackface.
Blackface lashed out at Wizkid for delving into politics and warning him to face his music career. Blackface said, “Why don’t you face your music small man? I understand why that is difficult, because it doesn’t have any substance".

Posted by: Emdee David

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