POLITICS - Posted on: 21st Feb. 2021 at 11:38PM
Senator Ayo Akinyelire sponsored the Prohibition of Casualisation Bill 2020 which was on Thursday taken into cognisance.

The bill which scaled second reading referred to the Committee on Employment, Labour and Productivity to stand against employers of both private and public institutions use their female workers as casual workers.

"Statistics from the Nigeria Labour Congress shows that many workers in the telecommunications, oil and gas sectors are engaged as casual labourers by employers of labour", he said.

Akinyelure while noting that other sectors involving in such unethical acts include mining, steel, banking and insurance also stated that most young graduates, particularly females in the banking sector are sent to go get clients with huge targets that most times proves unattainable, making them resort to harlotry and sex slavery in the desperate bid to save their jobs.

"They move from one office to the other looking for invisible customers who have lathe funds to enable them to meet their targets. It is high time this evil and devilish act is stopped", he said.

Senator Biodun Olujimi, supporting the motion states "Our girls have been turned into what we cannot imagine. Most of them have been asked for funds and when they come to us, I'll tell them, I do not have funds to eat, how can I have funds to keep with you in the bank?"

"They will never be promoted if they don't bring in such funds, and this is a banking industry that is privately owned, yes but has made so much profit, and from the profit that they can manage properly, rather than take a lot that they will be giving pittance", he added.

Written by Mary Abazuo

Posted by: Emdee David

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