NEWS - Posted on: 7th Oct. 2020 at 12:15PM
Rwandan President, Paul Kigame, has appointed one Patrick Nkuriza, a 19 year old boy as Minister of New Technologies and Development.

Patrick Nkuriza, becomes tthe youngest Minister of Kigame's Cabinet. He got the baccalaureate at 14 and a PhD in digital communication engineer shortly after. Patrick has developed many digital Apps that has helped Rwandan government perform better in economic activities. This is said to be part of the reasons President Kigame appointed him as minister in the area of his speciality.

But many Rwandans wonder if his tech talent would equal administrative competence and maturity to handle complext issues of governance.

Patrick still lives with his parents who still help him with laundry and dressing up. He goes to work accompanied by them and body guard. In fact, reports have it that he is still seen playing football in his neigbourhood with childhood friends with his parents and body gaurds present.

Posted by: Emdee David

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