POLITICS - Posted on: 28th Feb. 2022 at 8:37AM
For everyone who’s interested what is really happening in Ukraine: we are being bombed by Russian forces, they say they don’t kill civilians but they do. A lot.

Many of us are living in basements these days. Women gave births in basements. The orphanage was bombed. There is no safe way to leave the country, it’s at your own risk, so many civilians die trying.
We want safety, first of all. The ability to live at our homes, not having them destroyed. When the enemy is trying to take over your country, what do you do? You either give up, or fight. We chose to fight. We didn’t come to fight Russia, they came to our land. So their soldiers will be killed, because we are our own nation and this land is ours.

To the other countries citizens: be well informed, watch and read all kinds of points of view. None of them alone is going to give you the key to what’s happening. HELP US STOP THIS COLONIAL IMPERIALISM NONSENSE.
In 21 century having a war with guns and victims is a greatest shame of all. We, the humanity, should’ve evolved. Supposedly, we have not.
~ Roxane Gautier

Posted by: Emdee David

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