POLITICS - Posted on: 16th Jul. 2022 at 9:14PM
The news of a Muslim Muslim ticket by the Presidential Candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) sparked various reactions in different quarters.

While the Muslims in the north agreed with the decision, many Northern Christians consider it as insensitive to the religious instability facing the country. They said APC refused to find a worthy Christian from the North to be the Vice presidential candidate of the party.

Prominent among those who have spoken out against APC's decision to field a Muslim Muslim flag bearers is Prophet Isa El Buba, the General Overseer of the Evangelical Outreach Ministries International.

In his words, he aver that the "Northern Christians will teach APC a lesson over Muslim Muslim ticket.

He further said that, "Tinubu is not competent, not talk about his age. Simply put, he has neither the competence nor the energy required to drive the Nigerian system.

"With the Muslim Muslim ticket, he messed up its chances without remedy.... There are more than 50 million Christians in Northern Nigeria alone . You can't try to neglect, abuse or look down on a people that control this number.

" No political party in Nigeria in its right senses should have contemplated Muslim Muslim ticket or Christian Christian ticket . Nigeria has not matured to that level . It will take years for such trust and confidence to be built in the people.

" My understanding of Tinubu 's decision to pick a Muslim as his running mate is that he decided to look at the Christians in the face and say, " Uwaka" which is an abusive word in Hausa."

Posted by: Emdee David

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