ARTICLES - Posted on: 18th Jul. 2020 at 3:54PM

My dearest neighbors and beautiful people,
Gbonuh nuh!. I greet you.

The times have found us. We are in a new normal. What was an abomination, until recently has to become an acceptable way of life, these times? My people, we live in strange times.

Last night, the King of your great Kingdom, His Royal Highness,  Obi Chukwunomso Nwoko, was kidnapped by unknown heavily armed men, during an illegal raid on the Ancient Palace, the seat of your cherished Tradition. The alleged kidnappers were later identified as Policemen from the Asaba Police. They allegedly arrived at the palace, at 1.am. in a convoy of 15 Toyota Hylux Trucks and One Toyota Sienna van. 

This morning,  I learned that the kidnapping operation was masterminded by the billionaire bastard of the land, Ned Nwoko. *I also learned that the Obi was taken to the Asaba cell wherein he was allegedly booked for a triple murder charge*. As I write, there are efforts to bail the King out.

The raid on the palace, *the tear-gassing of the Obi*, the ancestral custodian of your proud tradition, is a desecration of our humanity and existence. No; the Obi was not assaulted. Every Idumuje Ugboko son and daughter was assaulted, dehumanized early this morning. Every son and daughter of Idumuje Ugboko is charged with Murder and is sitting in that damn jail.

How long Shall  You Continue To allow Ned Nwoko to Use His wealth and Influence To BRUTALIZE YOU? WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO RISE AND CHALLENGE THIS SICK  MAN WITH MONEY?. WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF?

I have fought for Idumuje Ugboko with all my sincerity and passion within the past six months. I will not abandon that Kingdom. But It is up to you, the indigenes of the Kingdom call to action and give to “Ceaser what is Ceaser’s”.  You cannot continue to be indifferent, afraid and express your waves of anger only through whispers at community gatherings and on social media. This is the time to rise above this greatest desecration of your ancestral homeland by the crazy fool born out of wedlock. You can and should discipline Ned Nwoko, by any means necessary, otherwise, he would destroy and own your homeland. IDUMUJE UGBOKO IS WORTH DYING FOR.

Ned Nwoko has within the past decade brought nothing but terror and mayhem to the beautiful people of Idumuje Ugboko. He has successfully used his influence with the Minister of Justice, the Nigeria Police and the judiciary to go after your sons that questioned or challenged his land grabbing quests, terrified the young and old, locked them with dubious and heinous *TERRORISM AND MURDER CHARGES, used his wealth to buy the rule of law, paid thugs, police to cover up and participate in  his illegal abuse of the law, and propagandists loyal to his finances. Innocent men continue to languish in jail, for several years, because Ned wants them to. Now he has come for the head of the lion and at midnight, organized one of the most illegal and daring abductions ever undertaken by Nigerian police, at the orders of a sick bastard billionaire, to tear gas, raid, assault, maim and arrest the crowned King of your Kingdom. The lion must roar back. It’s time to stand, collectively against Ned Nwoko. Wake up from your fears and take back your homeland by any means necessary. DO SOMETHING. Don’t Be A Coward!

I shall write again.

Stay With Me.
Azuka Jebose

Posted by: Emdee David

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