ENTERTAINMENT - Posted on: 31st Jan. 2022 at 9:49AM
British-Nigeria musician Shady Blue has said music is like a drug to her and irrespective of having no returns on her investments in music, she does not intend to quit.

During an interview with Sunday Scoop, she said, “It is not the most talented in music that succeeds. Music is a part of my life. I do it for the passion, not money. I have never made me profit from my music. As a matter of fact, my music career has cost me a lot of money. I have a regular job. Music doesn’t pay me, I pay music. I see music as my drug. I don’t drink or smoke. Music is the biggest risk of my life.

Shady Blue, on her plans to make some tracks in Nigeria said, “I heard the voice of God telling me to do that (live versions of the songs) immediately and that is why I’m in Nigeria at this time. God speaks to me a lot. I need to dig deeper to see what God wants for me. It could be scary because it may not be the direction I want to go but I have got to the point where I’m surrendering all to God.”

She continued, “Real life scenarios inspire my songs. I like people to be able to relate to my music. Music is my ‘happy place’. It is where I go when everything is going wrong. The last time I was in Nigeria, I was diagnosed with cancer. However, when I got back (to the United Kingdom), by God’s grace, I did not even have to do the surgery. I only went for a biopsy and it (the cancer) disappeared.”

By Mary

Posted by: Mary Abazuo

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