POLITICS - Posted on: 7th May. 2021 at 5:26PM
The forthcoming Lagos State Local Government Council election has led a pro-APC group, Lagos4Lagos to state that the N2 million nomination fee for aspirants is outrageous, noting that APC failed to consider the present economy of the country.

Lagos4Lagos opined that the sudden lift of price from N550,000 to N2million was unjustified as all that is needed for the role is experience.

The Principle Coordinator of the body, Mr. Olabode Makinde, on Thursday spoke to newsmen in Ikeja, stating the stance of the movement while condemning the N2million nomination fee.a

He said, “According to the new guidelines, the nomination form for the position of Local Government Area chairman, now stands at N2m, a sharp increase from the N550,000 as at 2017, plus N50,000 admin fee for a male, while females get 50 percent off, exclusive of the admin fee.

“With our minimum wage standing at N30,000 a month, coupled with a harsh economy that got worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic, this move is clearly insensitive and definitely not in the interest of the ordinary Lagosian with inalienable rights to seek and contest the elective positions.

“Moreover, the Lagos State Independent Electoral Commission that is saddled with the sole responsibility of conducting the elections has a fee of N150,000 as the highest to be paid depending on what office is being sought.

“So, what is the justification of the party’s high demands for fees for nomination forms? Secondly, the party’s imposition of a particularly awkward screening that the aspirants are now subjected to begs the big question of veiled intentions.”

Makinde continued, “Ideally, the only requirements should be as provided by our nation’s constitution. Over the years, our local government elections have been ingloriously branded as an exclusive preserve of the state where popular candidates win elections and are blatantly denied to favour the state’s handpicked preferences.”

By Mary Abazuo

Posted by: Mary Abazuo

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