POLITICS - Posted on: 28th Jul. 2022 at 12:01PM
Nigerian flute legend and musician, Tee Mac Iseli has queried the intelligence of anyone supporting APC's Presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the next President of Nigeria, also insinuating that Tinubu is too old and dishonest about his age and how he made his money. The bombshell was dropped yesterday in a commenting section of a post made by a journalist, Yemi Olakitan where he announced his support for Tinubu.

Tee Mac wrote:

Dear Yemi. Anybody can choose any candidate, but an intelligent person will ask himself the question: do I choose rightly?

Is the man qualified? Is he honest? Does he tell us the truth about his age, background and how he made his money? Is this man healthy enough at 86 to take up the task of a totally run-down country? You see Tinubu is my in-law. His wife Remi is my cousin. Her Itsekiri mother and my Itsekiri mother are sisters. I have known Tinubu since the mid-80s personally and even arranged for him to stay in my stepfather’s house ( Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony) in London when he went into exile. I stopped supporting him and stop family visits etc when he sold that Buhari to the nation in 2015. My advice to the nation is that this man is absolutely not qualified to become our next president.
Respectfully Tee Mac Omatshola Iseli.

Tinubu's age, health and source of income have been a cause of concern and controversy since he won the APC Presidential tickets. Nigerians are worried that his background, name, identity and source of income are shrouded in some secrecy and controversy thereby questioning the integrity of a man who has promised to lead the country out of the present quagmire. Some have attributed his wealth to drug-related business when he was in the US, citing a case in which two of his associates were convicted and the illegal acquisition of Lagos lands and assets. His age is also said to be far above the 71 years he currently claims. Tee Mac says Tinubu is 86; some other people have said he is 89.

Both the PDP and Labour Party supporters are not relenting in questioning these matters. Tinubu himself has not come out to clear people's doubts or to explain his background and earnings. Most of the explanations seen or heard are credited to his media team or supporters.

It is hoped that someday, maybe in a TV interview, or Presidential debate Nigerians will hear directly from the man called The Jagaban.

Written by Emdee David

Posted by: Emdee David

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